Press Release: Statewide Skimming Prevention Seminars Hosted by Texas Food & Fuel Association

TFFA’s Skimming Prevention Seminars engage local police and retailers about how to identify and respond to skimming crimes
Austin, Texas — This month, the Texas Food & Fuel Association (TFFA), a statewide organization advancing the convenience retailing and fuel marketing industries in Texas, kicked off the first of its Skimming Prevention Seminars across the state to educate retailers and local law enforcement about credit and debit card skimming at fuel dispensers.
Skimming is a crime where fraudsters tamper with or break into a dispenser unit and install a device that steal consumer information from a credit or debit card. 
“Our industry is committed to arming convenience stores and law enforcement with the information they need to protect businesses and consumer in Texas,” said Paul Hardin, President & CEO at TFFA. 
Seminar participants include convenience store operators, fuel distributors, local police departments, U.S. Secret Service agents, industry suppliers, financial institutions, state regulatory agencies, and other industry stakeholders. 
Petroleum Solutions, Inc. (PSI) — a Texas-based provider of fueling equipment and services — is providing the technical expertise which includes a hands-on look at different types of tools fraudsters use to break into the dispensers; including, the various types of skimming devices that are being found, which areas inside and outside of the dispensers to look for skimmers, and the many unique ways that criminals attempt to hide skimmer components. 
John Keller, Vice President of PSI knows the importance of supporting communities through education and awareness.

“Our culture is driven by sharing our knowledge and experience within the industry we serve. Bringing law enforcement, municipal officials, and the c-store community together for this type of training will help ensure a more secure fueling experience for consumers,” comments Keller.
Skimming Prevention Seminars are schedule in:

  • San Antonio, February 26
  • Tyler, March 25
  • Houston, March 27
  • Beaumont, March 28

For more information and to attend, visit

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